Entry four

I feel my life has been on auto pilot mode. I feel conformity in actions and reactions. Doesn’t it needs to be the other way? I can feel the need to change this. How do I break this habit of mine? How can I change this habit of years? I guess the answer is also within me. I have to look deep into my Self. I am responsible for all my habits and only I can change them. For I know it is a process not an overnight job. But I make up my mind and heart to do it. I want to live life to the fullest.

Entry three

I wonder if thinking is a skill which can be developed and shaped so our thoughts can become our strength. I wonder if I can choose my response to my experiences in life so that I do not regret on my actions. I wonder if I can accept myself with my current strengths and weaknesses so that I stop blaming myself for all the mistakes. I wonder if I can balance all the areas of my life which is my ultimate goal in life!

Entry two

In my last post, I had written about my preparations for the week. Little did I know that life is too unpredictable to expect the same as we plan. The last few days have been hectic and I was too tired even to sit and write a blog post. I planned to write, I planned to read and I planned to work – but I could do none of them. I wonder why not? Is it because we live in a world of uncertainties or are we just live with unrealistic expectations from us? Or are we just not flexible to change our plans as the per the needs of the hours? Or not adaptable to the changing situations? Hmm..  too many  questions waiting for the answers and I know there is only one answer for all of them. And I have to crack the formula.

Entry one

The weather was too hot and dusty today. I believe this humid summer affects my mood to a great extent. It is not that I hate summer but I find it very difficult to get comfortable with :). Waiting to get this summer over asap. I just love the cloudy and dusky weather. A new week is going to be start from tomorrow. Planned the weekly meals already. Now need to plan my outfits for the week. Planning need to be done for the work too. I believe in planning ahead so that I don’t have to think about all these during the week.