100 Happy Days – Day 10

After a long time, I get to feel a relaxed Friday. Otherwise, I was dreading about Fridays. Though we were out the whole day, roaming around from one mall to the another, none of us felt tired or exhausted. Kids got to play in their favorite place and I got to shop Christmas decorations. This definitely made our day. Yes, I am so excited about Christmas and I can’t wait for it. I have plans to make Christmas goodies at home and also decorate a Christmas tree. Let’s see how it would work because I am also dealing with some major issues these days.  I just pray to God to set things right by Christmas!

What am I happy about today? Yes, you are right. Shopping made me happy. All the Christmas decorations I bought made me feel happy.


No, this is not what I bought today. This is what sitting on my desk and it feels good every time I see this.

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